2016 was a reasonably good year for getting out on the bike with super Indian Summer stretching out to late October for those last minute dashes out for just a few more landmarks The presentation dinner was at the Cathedral Lodge, Lichfield. We had good service and food. With a nice atmosphere and people had an enjoyable evening, chatting with friends old and new..

The rally this year was kicked off with the A.R.S.E. held at the control tower Cafe Sleap Airfield in darkest Shropshire. The weather was pleasant and dry which attracted a very good turnout. The breakfasts in the cafe were just the ticket. Lots of chat and some entertaining flying especially by some guy with a WW2 Russian dive bomber who insisted in making a few very low passes at high speed, I thought open pipe HDs are noisy but wow..


The total entries this year was 221. The rally after 23 years still appears to be very popular with a strong repeating membership. For many the RBR has become a major must do event in their calendar.


Now for all you statistics fans!


  • Total entries for 2016 was 221, 204 in 2015, 219 in 2014
  • 153 people submitted photos this year, 149 people in 2015, 146 people in 2014, 156 people in 2013, 149 people in 2012, 153 people in 2011, and 159 in 2010.
  • 14 achieved the coveted 100% ALL ROUNDER award, 27 in 2015, 13 achieved in 2014. 22 in 2013, 25 in 2012, 28 in 2011 and 26 in 2010!
  • 6 people achieved All Rounder award
  • 6 people gained Platinum awards. 4 people in 2015, 8 people in 2014, and 5 in 2013
  • The average score was slightly lower this year at 948 points, 967 points in 2015.
  • The most visited landmark this year with 115 visits was the A.R.S.E. at the Control Tower / Cafe Sleap Aerodrome. The Shroppie Fly, Audlem was a very close second with 114 visits. The least visited was The Aberdeen Lighthouse with just 34 visits
  • The most popular Scottish landmark was Dumfries & Galway 1 Memorial Stone to Ben Wilson with 62 visits
  • The most popular Welsh landmark was Denbigh, The Preaching Cross, Corwen and Powys 1 Statue to David Davies, Llandinam with 102 visits
  • The lowest visited Welsh Landmark was both Pembrokeshire, with 71 points each.
  • The least visited English landmark Cornwall was John Robarts VC, with 47 visits.


  • There were a total of 6205 individual visits to the landmarks.


Entrants of note

100% All Rounder's

Graham Flint, John, Jack Milton, Steve & Caroline Hunt, Barry Manning with Brennan & Keisha, Gordon Tuck, Big Andy, , Bob Badger, Michael Smith, Spencer Robinson, Jan & Cheryl Kisiel, David & Michele Marsden, Neil & Ro Gomersall, Jenny Linn-Cole, Ian & Christabel Harper.

Favourite Landmark


The Rescue at Welsh National Mining Memorial and Universal Colliery Memorial Garden received a number of comments on the excellence of the memorial and how it made one realise the loss of life due to mining in South Wales


Others enjoyed the Tidal Ford at Lopwell Dam with the nearby cafe.


Blooper of the rally,


.A minor spelling error turned Penfold into Pinfold at Castlemartin. Most people realised Daves spelling and adjusted others struggled to only find reference to some cartoon character. However Penfold was also used to describe a stock enclosure near a village. So both spelling could be considered correct for only a tiny blooper this year.


Problem Landmarks

Birks Bridge (pack horse) this should have been easy but a number of folks were tricked by the modern access bridge close to the Birks Bridge car park. The real bridge being about half mile south of the car park.


National Cycle Network Sign route No. 7. In Glentrool. These signs are quite distinctive and placed alongside the roads and tracks of the network. There are actually two such signs close by the Glentrool visitor centre, which is of the main road. Some folks snapped the DOT road signs in the village, those just direct one to the network so did not count.


Captain Mainwaring by late summer he went absent without leave from his seat by the river. He probably made a strategic withdrawal from the noise of German construction machinery nearby!


The Murder Stone was going to be tricky due to the road having been built up higher over the years and the lack of road side grass and scrub cutting. However the authorities did come up trumps and nicely cut the surrounding jungle back to allow easy access. Thanks whoever you were


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