2017 Started with a good spring and ended with a warm autumn with an at times damp summer, that didn't hold people back from getting out on the bike with a record number of people submitting photos this year The presentation dinner was held at a new venue of the George Hotel in Lichfield. Where we had excellent service and tasty food in the lovely restored Georgian banqueting hall, great atmosphere and all had a good evening. The rally started this year with the the Oil Can Cafe in Hepworth, West Yorks. The cafe is a magnificent 1950 themed venue with old cars bikes etc. Friendly cafe staff very happy to keep serving all the people coming in.
After 25 years the Round Britain Rally still appears to be very popular with a strong regular membership and has become a major "must do" event in the calendar.


Now for all you statistics fans!


  • "Total entries for 2017 was 255, was 221 in 2016, 204 in 2015, 219 in 2014
  • "167 people submitted photos this year, 154 in 2016 149 people in 2015, 146 people in 2014, 156 people in 2013, 149 people in 2012, 153 people in 2011, and 159 in 2010.
  • "20 achieved the premier slot of 100% All Rounder Award, 14 in 2016, 27 in 2015, 13 in 2014, 22 in 2013, 25 in 2012, 28 in 2011 and 26 in 2010!
  • 2 people achieved All Rounder award by visiting all the landmarks but got a couple wrong.
  • Nobody gained a Platinum award. 4 people in 2015, 8 people in 2014, and 5 in 2013
  • "The average score was slightly lower this year at 914 points, with 948 points, 967 points in 2015.
  • "The most visited landmark this year with 126 visits was the red hand on a white gate in Wrexham, the Star disc in Derbyshire was close second with 121 visits. The least visited was The Highland 4 and 5 with just 36 visits
  • "The most popular Scottish landmark was Borders 2 Megget Reservoir with LM55 with 62 visits
  • "The least visited Welsh landmark was Pembroke with 69
  • "There were a total of 6540 individual visits to the landmarks. E.g. at least 6540 photos inspected..


Entrants of note

100% All Rounders:


Graham Flint, Neil & Ro Gomersall, Jack Milton, Jerry Williamson, Michael Smith, Steve & Caroline Hunt, Gordon Tuck, David and Michele Marsden, Jenny Linn-Cole, Alan Cartwright, Spencer Robinson, Carl Holdsworth, Hugh McNamee, Barry Manning, Keith Dunster, Brian Stern, Tony & Mary Skerritt, David Denison,John Morron, Robert Roalfe




Harry Goldingay and Michael Shilton


Favourite Landmark

'The Star Disk at Wirksworth, Derby received many comments of great views and lovely place for a sit down and contemplate.


Blooper of the rally,

No real bloopers this year how did that happen?


Problem Landmarks

"The Winter of the Three" sculpture should have been simple apart from the ride up the road from Aviemore. Unfortunately this spring a new sculpture was installed in the village commemorating all Grampian sportsmen who have won medals in various Olympic Games and a few visited that instead of the correct one up by the ski centre.


Mr Lowry in Manchester decided to take a holiday and get a facelift a couple of weeks before the start of the rally but did come back and allowed many visitors to have a sit down on his bench and have a chat.


One of the obvious village pumps in Romaldkirk, Co Durham disappeared this year however there were more than enough alternative pumps in the village to use instead.


Very special thanks must go out to Graham for his contributions over the years researching more potential landmarks than you could shake a stick at, also his help with marking and the sterling work on the website. Also to every one (way too many to list) who have contributed with suggested new landmarks helping to keep the rally going, keep them coming in.

Trophies will be presented at the dinner in February or available for collection at the ARSE or posted on to those who don't attend those events. 

The A.R.S.E. (Annual Rally Start Event)

For 2018 the A.R.S.E. will be on Sunday March 25th. This will also be the official start date of the 2018 rally. As previously the venue will be the first Landmark published on the list. The venue will have off road parking to accommodate our usual crowd and a cafe. Hopefully the sun will shine and we will have a great time. Just a clue for those wanting to book a discounted hotel for the Saturday, the venue will lie inside a triangle with apexes in Luton, Oxford and Reading.  

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